Monday, August 10, 2009

Background--long, but necessary

I know this will be long, but it's the backstory of how we got this baby. :) Ok, let's begin at the beginning :) Isaiah was born March 1, 2008. During his half year, I saw him every once in a while, but not often because we lived in Columbia, and he lived in Greenville. (side note: I refuse to make this about Megan, so I won't go into too much detail. I'll just say, she's done drugs and been in trouble since she was 13, everybody thought she was completely changed when she got pregnant, but it wasn't too long before we found out that wasn't true.) Anyway, we started babysitting Isaiah around Aug/Sept and did until around Christmas. During that time Megan often showed up unannounced or would say she was going to drop him off, then never call or anything. But we didn't really care because we loved this little boy and would rather be watching him than having anyone else do it. During December and January, we saw him every once in a while whenever Megan would come over, but it wasn't often.
On February 23, 2009 we found out that Megan was in big trouble with the DSS and Isaiah needed to be placed with someone or else he would be put in foster care. Long story short, Megan got in some trouble so she sold out a dealer, then the dealer's girlfriend called up the DSS. They tested Isaiah and found meth in his system. We were supposed to have him for 5-12 weeks while Megan took parenting classes. Well by July it had been way more than 12 weeks and Megan had came by to see him maybe once or twice a month, all the while still doing meth and missing her parenting classes. By then we had pretty much lost hope that Megan could get better and we already had decided it would be best for Isaiah to stay with us. Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could really do. It seems that we didn't have to do anything. On July 30, 2009, she was arrested and charged with attempting to manufacture meth with two guys in a car. Today is August 10, 2009. We are meeting with our caseworker on Monday August 17. We don't know what's going to happen, but we have hopes that we will be able to keep Isaiah here with us, where we believe he belongs.

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